Кey members of RASIA Capital have executed following transactions

  • /photos/PT General Energy Bali

    PT General Energy Bali
    Coal-fired Power Plant

    Sell-side Financial Advisor

  • /photos/Rinergy Company

    Rinergy Company
    Wind Farm

    Project Finance Advisor

  • /photos/Korea National Oil Corp.

    Korea National Oil Corp.
    Oil Field

    Project Finance Advisor

  • /photos/Elf Atochem

    Elf Atochem
    Specialty Chemical Plant

    Buy-side M&A Advisor

  • /photos/China Light & Power

    China Light & Power
    900MW Coal Power Plant

    Project Financial Advisor

  • /photos/Korea Development Bank

    Korea Development Bank

    Buy-side Financial Advisor

  • /photos/EdL-Generation

    Carbon Credit

    Carbon Credit Registration

  • /photos/P3 Global Energy

    P3 Global Energy
    LNG Terminal

    Buy-side Financial Advisor