rASiA Capital is a boutique advisory firm that focuses on energy, infrastructure and natural resource transactions across Russia/CIS and Asia.

rASiA Capital is uniquely positioned to provides various financial and investment advisory services to Asians to access to growing opportunities in Russia & CIS countries, while supporting Russia/CIS companies to access to capital and technologies in Asia for a further growth.

rASiA Capital provides mergers and acquisition advisory, project development and project finance advisory and capital raising services to clients.

rASiA Capital was founded by a team of most experienced senior investment bankers, entrepreneurs and professionals in Russia and Asian countries with broad client relationships across Asia and Russia/CIS.

Intimate Relationships with Key Strategic Investors in East Asia

  • Currently, East Asia is one of the most important suppliers of FDI globally
  • Key members of RAsia Capital have built intimate relationship with key Asian strategic investors in the energy, utilities, infrastructure and resources sectors, as well as their export credit agencies and sovereign wealth funds, over the last 20 years since their inception of overseas investment in the early 1990s
  • RAsia Capital is best positioned to assist emerging market projects in identifying strategic partners and financing from East Asia